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Pre-Summer News Tips for getting leaner

1. Know the Basics!

Losing weight seems anything but simple! With all of the

trendy diet plans and new workout fads it is easy to become

confused. The good news is that the meat and potatoes of

weight loss have not changed over the years. It all boils down to

Calories In and Calories Out. Too many Calories In, and you

will gain weight. Extra Calories Out and you will lose it. Keep

in mind that 3,500 calories equals one pound and every itty

bitty calorie counts!

5. The Big Lie.

Do you know the absolute BEST way to GAIN weight? Not

eating. Does that come as a surprise? Fasting for extended periods of time actually slows your metabolism (your body’s

rate of calorie burning). Add to that the fact that you will lose

muscle and energy by not supplying your body with proper

nutrients. Instead of not eating at all try just eating less!

6. Cut The Fat!

Before you bite into a tasty steak, check for visible fat on the

meat. Cut this excess fat off and you will end up with a

healthier meal. Remove the skin off your chicken and make it a

habit to select extra lean cuts of meat while grocery shopping.

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