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See what our clients say! At Body Factor the client is a God! And we mean excactly that!

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Ab Exercise Videos for everyone. This is everything you need to start your own program.

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Holiday Special! 30% off on Personal Training! Good through November!

Turkey Day is almost upon us!

Time to work off any excesses and get back to the gym, studio, or club and turn or Return that body back into fine shape! So, before you even start feasting, work on that body with me! Melt away the fat and put on muscle!

Do not add an extra 5lbs of blubber to your body, add muscle! The metabolically active tissue that lets you eat more while NOT putting on excess fat!

I am offering a number of specials this holiday, refer a friend and get 3 sessions free!! during this month of Thanksgiving, OR you can return to put that body in shape with me!

This is a special offering and for those who don’t know it, there are NO membership DUES where I train my clients.

30% off/Don’t Delay! Take Action Today!
I am offering this special at two locations.
Synergy San Francisco

BodybyX in Marin County

Locations elsewhere contact me for more information


Vitamin D deficiency in Men


Lately I have noticed with my own clients after they get a physical a deficiency in vitamin D, why, Im not sure, maybe it is staying out of the sun more. You can get your RDA's by just sitting in the sun for 1/2 hour a day, so that may be it.

Here is what happens to men: It is associated with reduced strength, muscle mass and performance in men!
Supplementation however, even in younger men  restores all these attributes in men! I will not bore you with the details, but resistance training and supplementation corrects this problem and restores strength, muscle mass and performance in men!
So, get your physical and if you find that you are vitamin D deficient, get on the program, go to the gym and take extra vitamin D to restore your deficiency! 
Rich signing off.
Source: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews: Volume 42 #2, April 2014